TERRY STACEY (Director of Photography)

Coming from the University of Manchester, England, Terry came to New York in its halcyon days of the early 80's, as a still photographer and musician. There he worked at The Collective For The Living Cinema, shooting and editing Super8mm shorts, and experimenting in the music video arena. After traveling through South America with his 16mm bolex he returned to England to work as a documentary cameraman, journeying from India to Iceland, and ultimately back to NY, to shoot features in the burgeoning era of true independent film- with the likes of Good Machine and the IFC- including: Love God; Spring Forward; The Dream Catcher; Jump Trick; Just A Kiss; The Laramie Project; World Traveler; Things Behind The Sun; Wendigo and Happy Accidents.

Over the years, Terry has written and directed many of his own short films- selected by various festivals including The Berlin Film Festival in 1995 with Bad Liver and Broken Heart (Starring Sam Rockwell).

Terry has served as cinematographer most recently on Michael Cuesta's Tell Tale (Scott Free); Greg Motola's Adventureland (Miramax); and Michael Dowse's Kids in America (Universal/Imagine).